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Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching


One of the best ways to learn about yourself and up-level your brand is through group coaching.  In these intimate, super-charged, and super-fun sessions, you’re not merely a voyeur but an active participant, and through watching other people’s transformation, you yourself will be transformed.

The group size is intimate, and limited to 12 people in order to give you personalized attention. So whether your goals are to gain more visibility, feel more confident, or even to attract the perfect date, I promise that you’ll leave feeling energized, and you'll have a bunch of new ideas and specific tips you can use right away!


Group coaching is available in 4 week, 3 month, and 6 month packages

No two sessions are exactly alike because they are very personalized and are designed to fit the needs of the women in that group and their specific questions.

All sessions take place in a safe and warm community, free from judgment and criticism. It's heartwarming to see

women encouraging and cheering each other on as people share their personal stories.  You're free to ask personal questions, bring outfits for feedback, and test out new brand ideas. I love seeing how everyone gets energized and empowered when they see each other’s shifts taking place and then experience their own. The value of these groups is unmatched!  

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