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Workshops range from half day to 3 day events, both in-person and virtual. Depending on your end goals, some companies prefer to do multiple 2-3 hour sessions which is best for learning and implementing the new material. 

All programs are customized to fit your needs and where possible, I'll do extensive interviews, observation and research before your main event. It's always fun to see the audience's reaction when they hear such personalized information!

Keynotes & Seminars 

Keynotes vary in length from 30-45 minutes, and like all other programs, are customized to suit your needs. The most popular are 45 minute presentations to professional trade associations, women's business groups, and breakout sessions at large conferences.  They're popular topics with relevant information and have consistently ranked among the highest in participant satisfaction for 30 years!

Corporate Programs & Workshops

These rich programs are ideal for Corporate Retreats, Leadership, Training, & Team Building Events, Women’s Enrichment Day. or as a part of Sales Training.  The topics are timely for our current culture, and are delivered in a fun, engaging, and diplomatic way. 



Most Requested Topics

Catapult Your Business with A Unique, Personal Brand

Growing your business takes more than marketing and sales savvy.  There’s a deliberate strategy to attracting the right clients to you and the first step is aligning who you are inside with the way you show up on the outside. Sounds simple enough, but it’s not as easy as it sounds!


Through a series of pointed questions, examples, and laser coaching for a lucky audience member, you’ll leave with a specific plan of action to build your own, unique, personal brand - one that’ll quickly grow your business and magnetize your idea clients!

Maximize Your Image for More Impact, Influence, and Income!

Contrary to what most people think, your image is far more than the clothes you wear! Join us for this entertaining and interactive presentation and I promise that you’ll never look at your clothes the same way again! You’ll walk away feeling inspired to make specific tweaks to your wardrobe and how you show up that will create more impact in your business, more influence in your community, and more income in your bank account!

Captivate your Audience with Confidence and Charisma

Whether your audience fills an entire auditorium or is an audience of one, communicating with confidence is an essential skill for growing a business or going for a promotion.  Charisma, the invisible ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality come naturally for a handful of women, but for the rest of us, it’s a learned behavior.  This is an interactive and engaging talk about charisma, and other intangible characteristics that will certainly up-level your game and  convert leads into clients.

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