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Personal Consulting

Wardrobe Development
Virtual Consulting

All services are available virtually as well as in person.  I’ve been offering virtual workshops as well as personal consulting including wardrobe and shopping for my long distance clients for years, so I can promise you that it’s (almost) as if we were together in person!

Wardrobe Development

 It’s like shopping for free!  You’ll be amazed at the number of new outfits we come up with from your existing wardrobe, without spending a penny.  After weeding through your clothes, we come up with a plan of action to get you closer to a wardrobe that will support your new goals,  personal style, and shapes that are most flattering for you.  We'll streamline your closet so it becomes effortless to get dressed in the morning, and you will be energized by what you see!

Personal Shopping

Armed with a list of specific items we need to expand your current wardrobe, we head to the stores. After scouting the best stores for your unique look, you'll walk in to the dressing room that's already full of clothes I've pre-selected especially for you! You just relax and try on the clothes that will fit both your body and your budget.

No schlepping for you...  You get to be a princess for the day!

Hair & Makeup

This is the most often overlooked aspect of your image.  As long as you update your hair and makeup every 5 years tops, your look will stay current and that, believe it or not, reflects on how people perceive your work.  A little goes a long way here, as long as it matches your wardrobe and style.

Personal Branding

Branding is all about authentically aligning who you are inside with the way you show up on the outside. It's having a clear and consistent message starting with your physical appearance and includes how you walk into a room, how you present yourself, as well as how you show up digitally, such as your website and across social media channels.


If you've ever felt like you're not thin enough, pretty enough, or smart enough, you're not alone.  With so much attention on external looks and comparisons, you may feel disconnected, disillusioned, and disempowered. 


My greatest passion is reconnecting you to your power, and encouraging you to stop playing small or shrinking from doing what you feel called to do in this world. 

Instead, tap into your spirit and be bold, brave and brilliant!


In my experience, having worked with more than 850 women privately, is that I attract ambitious women who have a special gift they long to share with others.  They have the experience and the expertise, yet they're not where they expected themselves to be at this stage.  Despite their depth of knowledge in their field, they see others who are far less talented or experienced get the business, or the promotion.

It's your turn to up-level your game and be seen and heard loud and clear. The world needs you, so stop living on the sidelines, get in the game, and play full out!

Personal Shopping
Hair and Makeup
Personal Branding
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