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It takes ONE second to make a first impression 

Are you making the right one?

Huda Baak, Image & Personal Brand Strategist

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Can you relate…?
  • You are a smart, ambitious woman with years of experience, but you're losing business to others who aren't nearly as qualified or as competent as you.

  • You're passionate about the services or products you offer, yet you're not attracting or converting enough clients to earn the income you deserve.

  • You have an amazing and unique gift you long to share with the world, but feel intimidated or shy when it comes to being in the spotlight to promote yourself.

If yes, you’re not alone! 

Having worked privately with over 900 women, and coached thousands from stage, I know how disappointing and discouraging this can be.  I’ve also seen and experienced how having a strong, unique personal brand - one that includes ALL aspects of you, not just your appearance - can not only capture your ideal client's attention, but catapult your career, and position you as THE go-to expert in your field!


Save yourself a lot of time and headache figuring out what to wear everyday, and discover a variety of new outfits by 'shopping' in your closet!

When you authentically align who you are inside with the way you express yourself on the outside, you're on your way to creating a unique and inspired personal brand 

Be princess for a day while I select the perfect clothes in your size, color, and style that will make you feel gorgeous, powerful, and on-brand!

For decades, women have felt like the care takers and that they're not enough.  If that resonates with you, then it's time to take your power back, use your voice, and stand up for what you truly desire! 

If you haven't updated your hair or makeup in the past 5 years, you're missing out on an opportunity to look more contemporary, and feel rejuvenated!

Chances are you have an amazing gift to share with the world, yet you're the best kept secret in town.  Be seen in all your glory. Stop living on the sidelines and start playing full out!


Hi, I'm Huda!

I don't know about you, but growing up I was told to sit quietly, look pretty, and keep my feelings to myself ~ especially the unlady-like ones!

I've since dedicated my life's work to empowering women (and girls) to take back their power and to remember that as women, we are more powerful, more competent, and far more resilient than we were taught to believe.
For over 30 years I've been on a mission to remind women of our immense value so we can courageously express our true selves, and stop dimming our light, playing it safe, and hiding our unique and amazing talents.

It only takes ONE second to make a first impression!


How do you want to be perceived?  My goal is to capitalize on those first seconds so you have greater visibility and you're positioned as THE go-to authority in your field.  Our work together will focus on two things simultaneously: The Inner and the Outer Image.


The inner image goes far beyond the mindset, while the outer is the unique, external expression of who you truly are. We focus on the strategy behind the clothes, and design an authentic, personal brand where you not only look amazing, but feel super confident in your skin so you can attract your ideal clients!



"I never thought of myself as beautiful until I worked with you.  It wasn't just the clothes and the makeup.  It was so many layers deeper than that but I had no idea about all the internal dialog that was running my life all along.  Thanks to you, I'll  never look at myself, or talk to myself in the old way again. 

By the way, I think of you every time I pass by a window or mirror"

Sally, Walnut Creek, CA
Smiling Businesswoman

Did you know that confident women look more attractive, and earn more money?


 It doesn't matter if your style is ultra feminine or conservative, or whether you're in finance or advertising.  
Every woman has her own, unique way of
showing up in the world.  

What is YOUR brand telling the world about you?

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